M. Sc. Management and Informatics

Professional title: Master of Management and Informatics

Management and Informatics Master's programme is an interdisciplinary combination of contemporary social science skills with an emphasis on business sciences and knowledge in the field of informatics.

It is in the interconnection of these skills, enabling simultaneous understanding of business processes and organizational structures along with developed ability of information technology use, where we recognize one of the key routes to the development of information-supported organizational and social environment.

Thus, the importance of the interdisciplinary-oriented and relatively flexible management profile should be highlighted – management that is actively involved in the business- and technological development, is creatively responsive to changes, and is, by the possibility of an improved way of doing business and achieving greater business success, also making these changes.

The Masters of the Management and Informatics programme of the second cycle according to the Bologna Process will be able to directly apply the acquired knowledge to tackle real-time business challenges and bring these to life in an innovative way.

In the present and expected future working- and wider-, social environment it is considered for individuals and groups to be faced with complex problems in which standardized knowledge and approaches do not suffice. For this reason, it is primarily the management that is pursued for interdisciplinary teamwork and above all creativity, flexibility and the ability to effectively cope with organizational and other business challenges when using information technology. On account of the acquired knowledge on up-to-date information technology and services, understanding and knowledge of business processes and leadership skills and with a developed sense of innovation and of search for new business opportunities Masters of this programme will be competitive in the labour market.

Management and Informatics Master's Programme is rated at 120 ECTS credits.


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