The main objective of the Management and Informatics Master's study programme is to qualify the masters for handling complex business challenges through a combination of business knowledge and skills in the field of computer science and informatics. The structure of the study programme ensures that you gain competence in business sciences (business processes, strategic management, innovation management, strategic marketing, management and project management, business excellence models etc.) and skills to use information and communication technologies that will develop the ability to solve practical problems in business practice (computerization of business processes, use of business intelligence in decision-making, business dynamics, intelligent systems, introduction of e-services on a global scale etc.).

Carefully selected elective courses allow extra width either with reference to different business and information technology areas, or by digging deeper into specific professional areas.

The gained skills and competencies deriving from the programme are beneficial and useful in any business environment because we are conducting business in a time when the progress of information technology and related services provides computer-supported and automated implementation of business processes, thereby a significantly easier operation at the global level. Additionally, the Masters acquire strategic planning and innovation management competences, both particularly valuable, as the development of new products and services is the vital driver of progress in each activity.

On top, companies need professionals or staff in management positions who will be able to effectively communicate with all stakeholders taking into consideration the constant changes in the above area largely controlled by the development of new technologies.


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