M. Sc. Marketing Management

Professional title: Master of Marketing Management

Never forget that you only have one opportunity to make a first impression - with investors, with customers, with PR, and with marketing”. (Natalie Massenet)

In this comprehensive and practical study programme students improve their ability to make effective marketing decisions, including assessing marketing opportunities, developing marketing strategies and implementation plans. The programme topics include market-oriented strategic planning, marketing research and information systems, buyer behaviour, target market selection, competitive positioning, product and service planning and management, pricing, distribution, and integrated communications, including advertising, public relations, Internet marketing, social media, direct marketing, and sales promotions.

Through a combination of interactive discussions, cases, practical examples, individual assignments, and a group project, the programme applies marketing topics to consumer and business-to-business products, services, and non-profit organizations.

Students gain significant experience in communicating and defending their marketing recommendations and building on the ideas of others.

Students will study different techniques to attract customers and learn to manage and organize company’s sales through marketing. They will gain a mastery of international markets and be able to implement strategies based on new markets and product distribution channels. They will also become versed in social networks, which are extremely relevant to any current business.

The second-cycle Master’s programme in Marketing Management, according to the Bologna Process, provides students with the ability to directly apply the acquired knowledge to tackle real-time business challenges and bring these to life in an innovative way.

The study programme has been designed in cooperation with reputable market experts, since we firmly believe that employers know best what knowledge and skills are in high demand in today’s competitive business environment. The study programme is extremely practical and application oriented, based on the academic knowledge. Upon completion, students become extremely problem-recognition and problem-solving oriented.

Marketing Management Master’s Programme is rated at 120 ECTS.

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