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Business Informatics

Professional title: Bachelor of Business Informatics

Business Informatics higher education programme trains staff to become the key link between information technology and business operations. The programme combines the knowledge and skills of entrepreneurship, management along with computer sciences and informatics, as we are aware that companies grow the need for professionals who possess not only technical but also wider understanding of management and operations.

With the knowledge gained you will be able to improve business efficiency through the use of information communication technology, you will master system analyses, project management and operation, deployment and maintenance of information systems and electronic commerce, and at the same time provide information security. Tasks delegated to you will be completed economically and socially responsible in terms of marketing and business operations, as you will be equipped with the latest knowledge in the field of marketing, communication, management and business operations.

There will be an option of choosing from additional and in-depth knowledge, since the programme also offers elective courses in the field of information and business sciences.

Business Informatics higher education programme is rated at 180 ECTS credits.


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All our study programmes are accredited by Slovenian Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education. For more information please check here.

Ljubljana School of Business is entered in the register of state-approved study programmes providers at the Ministry of Education, Science and Sports in Slovenia.

According to that there is no need to worry about diploma recognition.