The main objective of Marketing Communication & PR higher education professional study programme is to educate bachelors with complex knowledge in the field of project management, management of departments and organizations in advertising, integrated marketing communication, corporate communications, marketing management and public relations. After completing the studies, students will have an option of integrating into employment in organizations in economy, administration or continue their studies at a higher level.

The programme is of applicative nature and attempts to fill the gaps in knowledge that are visible in the Slovenian economic and non-economic sector as well as in governmental and non-governmental organizations. The programme is focused on training for employments in marketing research organizations, advertising agencies, marketing departments, marketing communications and public relations, in enterprises, public institutes, governmental and non-governmental institutions, political parties and media. Diplomats are equipped with knowledge, skills and approaches enabling them to balance the often conflicting demands of the interested parties in an organization and provide a clear and consistent message to all the stakeholders in the field of marketing communication and public relations.

The programme includes a mix of theoretical and creative tools to enhance the understanding of public and private organizations’ behaviour in this rapidly changing international environment. Irrespective of whether on the side of the agency or its client, bachelors will gain the competences to work in advertising, digital marketing and public relations. Their core capabilities are analytical skills, use of methodological tools, professional approach, teamwork, communication, creativity, the ability of public speaking, negotiation skills and creative approach.
The main objective of the programme is also to train professionals for quality work in positions associated with functions of marketing management in both business as well as in the public sector (predominantly in public companies and the part of the public sector which communicates with various publics). The stress is put on student training for the preparation of marketing plans, media plans, public reports, measuring response to marketing communication, organizing events, creative advertising, building public reputation, brand management etc. The programme educates students on the principle of excellence, which will be accomplished with a high volume of project work in groups, complex practice training, and a selection of excellent lecturers and distinguished experts facing the course contents at their work on a daily basis and achieving outstanding results at their businesses.

The programme will expand the bachelors’ employability possibilities both in Slovene and foreign environment, as it is designed in accordance with the latest trends in the field of higher education students in the field of marketing communication and public relations, and can easily be compared to similar programmes of highly regarded European universities.


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