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Material conditions

In order to be able to provide quality lectures and trainings as well as to meet the needs of all participants, the B2 Higher Vocational College owns contemporarily equipped premises on the following address: Tržaška cesta 42, 1000 Ljubljana.

All rooms are also suitable for students with special needs, as access to the premises is adjusted for the disabled. In such cases we ensure that the disabled students can easily join the study process by helping them to overcome any potential barriers.
All the required teaching equipment is provided. The lecture rooms are equipped with up-to-date AV equipment and computers, computer classrooms are additionally equipped with modern computer equipment and all the software required to implement the curriculum.
The school has a library providing basic learning material for each student. The learning material is also available in an electronic form and accessible through the portal.

The school has a computerized information system designed for students and accessible through the portal on PCs and mobile devices. It allows access to e-learning materials and also to learning, information, communication via forums, chat rooms and personal messages, exam applications, insight into the electronic student’s index etc.