AIJES journal 

AIJES journal

AIJES journal - Agora International Journal of Economical Sciences

Agora International Journal of Economical Sciences (AIJES) is published two times per year, beginning with 2007, and includes studies that are structured on the following scientific fields: General Economics, Management, Marketing, Tourism, Accountancy, Finance.  

Agora International Journal of Economical Sciences is an open access, peer-reviewed journal, which is published by the Agora University of Oradea, Faculty of Economic Sciences (Romania) and (starting 2023 issue) Ljubljana School of Business, Slovenia.

AIJES is currently indexed in the following international scientific databases: CEEOLDOAJIndex CopernicusScipio. It is ranked Category B+ in CNCSIS2011, it is recognized by  ANVUR in category A.

The AIJES journal is available on the following webpage – CLICK HERE.