School organization




School organization

The organizational bodies of the School are:

  • the Senate,
  • Academic Assembly,
  • Student Council,
  • Dean,
  • Director,
  • Management Board.

The Senate is the highest academic body of the School. The Head of the Senate is the Dean – Lidija Weis, Ph. D.

The Dean coordinates the educational, scientific, research, artistic and other activities, takes care of and is liable for the legality of the activities, is responsible for monitoring, assessment and assurance of quality, implementation of study programmes, research and scientific work, and preparation of the annual quality report (self-evaluation). The Dean also has other duties in accordance with the law, other regulations and general acts of LSB.

The management body of the School is the Management Board composed of the School founders’ representatives.

The Director of the Institute is Darko Bele.

The school has a Student Affairs Office and a library.