Activities in 2022/23

LJUBLJANA SCHOOL OF BUSINESS, as a member of the EUMMAS Academic Consortium, is organizing a scientific conference in February 2023 in Dubai.

EUMMAS A2S Conference on Global Social and Technological Development and Sustainability is organized by the EUMMAS Academic Consortium comprising almost 30 universities and business schools from more than 20 countries. EUMMAS Dubai 2023 Conference theme is ‘’Academia, Businesses and Policy Makers in Emerging New World’’. The conference is hosted by Skyline University College (SUC) from United Arab Emirates.

The information about the conference is available at this link:

“Boosting EU economy through training of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) advisors” is a project with the aim to increase foreign investments by developing a unique training programme which will equip FDI advisors with all the knowledge, skills and competences needed to provide all in one support for internationalization and relocation of foreign investors in one place.

Objectives of the project:

  • To improve quality and access to vocational education and training,
  • To improve knowledge and skills of employees in relevant consulting companies,
  • To improve employability of adult learners.

Based on the extensive international survey within the project, training programme with learning materials for mentors, training programme with learning materials for FDI advisors, and initiatives to include FDI advisors’ training programme into national educational schemes will be developed.

International dimension, ensured by consortium of partners and other relevant organizations from Croatia, Cyprus and Slovenia, enriches the project by broader overview, comparison and understanding of foreign investors' needs.

FDI advisors, included in the training programme, will be able to provide information and support in all relevant fields (from selection of the right type of investment opportunity, opening and running the business to real estate investment, reallocation, funds raising and after care services). They will have knowledge and skills to attract potential foreign investors and thus contribute to national GDP increase, creation of new jobs and other positive effects of FDI in country.


Why invest and work in Slovenia?

Because of it’s

Strategic position

  • Outstanding geographical location - 500 Mio. market is on the doorstep (EU and other southeastern markets)
  • Great option for regional headquarters, distribution and logistics centers
  • Excellent connections to Balkan (Croatia, Serbia, BIH, Montenegro, Macedonia)

Competitive business environment

  • Over 400 TECH STARTUPS in technology parks
  • R&D departments, support of research institutes and production of technologically advanced products are at peak in Europe
  • Slovenian companies can apply for EUR of EU Funds for R&D activities in 2015-2020 EU financial perspective

One of the most developed countries (25th place higher than Italy, Spain, Czech Republic, Greece …)

Highly educated, skilled people with western-german mentality and work ethics and not enough job opportunities

High quality of life

  • Rich nature features (snowy mountains, sea coast, forests, lakes)
  • Slovenia is the most forested country in Europe in terms of primary foresty species
  • Slovenia is among the most biologically diverse countries in the world - accounts for less than 0.004% of the Earth's surface but is home to more than 1% of all living creatures and 2% of terrestrial creatures
  • Clean water in shape of numerous rivers, streams and still and mineral water springs
  • Pure and high quality air with low pollution even in capital city Ljubljana
  • Safety of work and living environment
  • Locally produced and good food
  • Good and internationally recognized educational system

Co-funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union


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