M. A. Strategic Management - NEW


(Peter Drucker)

M. A. Strategic Management - NEW

Professional title: Master of Arts

Welcome to the master’s degree program in Strategic Management, where doors open to the world of leadership and the creation of sustainable competitive advantage! This dynamic and practically oriented program is designed to enable you to explore the depths of strategic management and acquire key skills for shaping and implementing successful business strategies.

In our program, you will delve into advanced concepts of strategic management, not just at the theoretical level. Through a series of interactive workshops, case studies, and project work, you will develop your analytical abilities and learn how to apply acquired knowledge in real business scenarios.

A special emphasis of the program is on mastering the complexity and variability of the business environment. By conducting in-depth research into the international business environment, using tools for strategic planning, and undergoing practical team leadership training, you will gain essential competencies for successfully shaping and implementing business strategies.

Expect a dynamic learning environment that encourages critical thinking, creativity, and innovation. With the support of experienced lecturers and mentorship, you will not only develop your theoretical understanding of strategic management but also gain practical experiences that will benefit your future career.

Together with experienced faculty and modern teaching approaches, you will acquire knowledge at this master's level that will enable you to navigate the complexity of the modern business world. Take the time to develop your leadership competencies, strengthen ethical thinking, and prepare for a dynamic career in the field of strategic management.

Prepare for a transformation in your career and become a leader of the future. Enter the world of strategic management, where knowledge transforms into practice!

Join us and become an expert in the field of strategic management – your path to the top starts here!

Strategic Management Master’s Programme is rated at 120 ECTS.


In the Master's program in Strategic Management, you will discover your potential and become a leader who excels in the modern business world. Our program is not only theoretical but a true adventure for the development of your skills and knowledge that are directly applicable in practice.

What you will gain:

  1. Outstanding leadership competencies: You will become a master of strategic management, understanding leadership theories and models and applying them effectively. The ability to lead individuals, groups, and organizations will become your strength.

  2. Strategic decision-making flexibility: Developing critical thinking and solving complex business situations will turn you into a strategist making decisions aligned with organizational goals and mastering the dynamics of the business environment.

  3. People and culture development: You will learn to develop employees and organizational culture. Building a positive culture, motivating individuals, and managing group dynamics will be your expertise.

  4. Effective financial management: The ability to manage budgets and make thoughtful financial decisions for the sustainable success of the organization will become part of your skill set.

  5. Creative marketing and sales: You will develop marketing strategies that stimulate growth and revenue, becoming a master of sales plans.

  6. Leadership communication: You will communicate effectively at all levels, develop leadership skills, and motivate teams.

  7. Innovation and digital transformation: You will become an innovator who understands digital trends, manages digital transformation, and creates sustainable competitiveness.

  8. Analytical thinking and data usage: Knowledge in collecting, analyzing, and interpreting data will enable informed decision-making and promote business growth.

  9. Ethical and socially responsible leadership: You will develop ethical thinking and strategies for social responsibility benefiting both the organization and society.

  10. Sustainable business: You will become a leader who understands and applies principles of sustainable development to reduce the negative impacts of the company on the environment.

Prepare for a transformation in your career and become a leader of the future. Enter the world of strategic management, where knowledge transforms into practice!

Graduates of the program can continue their studies in any comparable third-level program in Slovenia or abroad.


1st YEAR

"Economics for Managers: Decision-Making in a Dynamic Business Environment" provides an in-depth look at advanced economic concepts and theories used in effective business management. Decision-making becomes an art as we develop the ability to analyse competitive markets, formulate pricing policies and strategies, and apply game theory to strategic decisions. You will cultivate competencies to become an economic strategist who understands market dynamics, preparing for leadership in the dynamic business world.
Managerial Accounting opens doors to acquiring key skills for efficient management and planning in the business environment. With a focus on cost analysis, profit planning, the use of the Balanced Scorecard, and interpreting information from various sources, you will become an expert in internal decision-making and strategy formulation. Upon completion of the course, you will master the critical evaluation of managerial accounting tools and be able to formulate conclusions and recommendations crucial for successful company management.
In the Corporate Finance course, you will focus on practical applications for business leaders. Delve into the valuation process, from investment decisions and the risk-return relationship to risk management and sustainable finance. With acquired skills, you will be able to critically evaluate and lead financial decisions, formulate sustainable financial strategies, and effectively manage capital and investments in a dynamic business environment.
In the field of Strategic Management, explore key elements of strategy in the business environment. Emphasizing environmental analysis, strategy formulation at various levels, and the implementation and management of strategic changes, you will develop analytical, strategic, managerial, leadership, and ethical competencies. Upon completion of the course, you will be able to formulate and implement successful strategies, critically evaluate leadership and corporate governance, and develop sustainable strategies for long-term growth and social responsibility.
In the Strategic Marketing course, you will discover the complexity of strategic marketing and explore market-oriented strategies with a focus on new trends such as digitization and sustainability. Gain analytical competencies for identifying market opportunities, targeting segments, and implementing effective marketing plans. Develop skills in customer relationship management, value creation, and sustainable product development. Through concrete project examples, you will acquire abilities for creative and strategic thinking in marketing, understanding the connections between marketing and other business functions. Become an expert in comprehensive implementation and monitoring of marketing strategies in a dynamic business environment.
In the dynamic world of business process management, explore the importance of business processes for the performance and competitiveness of organizations. Learn methods for business process redesign, effective quality management, and strategies for sustainable business operations. Through practical examples, develop skills in using tools for modelling and managing business processes, with a focus on sustainability. Become an expert in efficient management and optimization of business processes, ready to face contemporary challenges in the international and sustainable environment.
In the Leadership and Organizational Behaviour course, delve into the dynamics of leadership and organizational behaviour, exploring key aspects of company success - employees. Illuminating work performance, teamwork, and leadership, you will gain competencies that enrich your understanding of the dynamics of the organizational environment. Develop leadership skills, conflict management, communication, and enhance your leadership competencies. Become a responsible leader who understands and influences organizational performance, a key contributor to successful and ethical organizational culture.
In the Strategic Human Resource Management (HRM) course, explore the complex field of strategic employee development with a focus on vertical integration, alternatives to strategic HRM, and the formulation and evaluation of HRM strategies. Deepen your understanding of strategic approaches to hiring, learning, employee relations, and reward systems. Develop strategic thinking and integrate HRM activities into organizational goals, while gaining competencies for critically evaluating theories, research, and practice in the field of strategic HRM.
RESEARCH METHODS                                                                                                                                             (7 ECTS)
In the Research Methods course, acquaint yourself with the world of research methods supporting business decisions. Develop key competencies for independent research work and the creation of scientific research papers. Learn about various research approaches, research planning, hypothesis testing, and basic and advanced methods of statistical data analysis. With acquired knowledge, you will be able to select and apply appropriate methods in different contexts and accurately present and interpret collected data to support key business decisions.

2nd YEAR

In this course, you will explore the significance of digital business transformation for business success. You will investigate the characteristics and principles of the digital economy, understanding key digital technologies and their impact on organizational competitiveness. Develop competencies for designing and implementing an integrated digital business strategy, comprehend the importance of data for decision-making, and identify new forms of business model innovation. With acquired knowledge, you will be capable of successfully leading digital business transformation and addressing contemporary challenges of sustainable business practices in the digital era.
Welcome to the world of innovation! This course will unveil the complexity of innovation development, introducing fundamental theories and advanced tools for effective innovation management throughout the entire life cycle. Dive into sustainable innovation, the role of digital technologies, creativity, and innovativeness, as well as business modelling using the 'Business Model Generation' tool. Skills acquired will include developing strategies for sustainable innovation, managing and monitoring innovation processes, and understanding the development of competitive business models. Prepare for a dynamic journey where you will translate theoretical knowledge into practical solutions and develop critical perspectives on innovation processes. Become a part of the future and deepen your understanding of the role of digital technologies in innovation!
This course is designed as an exciting journey to exceptional communication skills! It will open doors to the world of effective communication in the business environment, where you will gain key competencies for success. Learn to use communication strategies, master technology to improve processes, and develop communication skills in diverse intercultural situations. Special attention will be given to conflict resolution, negotiation leadership, and persuasion, which are crucial elements of advanced business communication. Prepare to acquire knowledge that will open doors to a successful career and enhance interpersonal interactions in the business world!
The student chooses one of the elective subjects.
This course will enable you to comprehensively plan, execute, and shape a research project or report, incorporating all key elements. Develop key competencies such as choosing a suitable topic, literature review, research planning and execution, and writing scientific articles. You will become capable of a comprehensive understanding of the structure and content of research work and successfully conduct research, including the formulation of scientific contributions. With acquired knowledge, you will be able to identify, analyse, and solve research problems and effectively communicate your results both in writing and orally. As part of the course, you will also prepare the outline for your master's thesis.
The student chooses one of the elective subjects.
The student chooses one of the elective subjects.
The student chooses one of the elective subjects.
The Master's Thesis – your opportunity for an outstanding achievement! During the preparation of your master's thesis, you will systematically learn how to identify and solve specific problems in the domestic and international business environment and develop original ideas and solutions. Through independent and focused research, you will develop critical judgment, apply scientific methods, and master systematic information search and analysis. Prepare for the challenge where you will connect different knowledge areas and use information technology to create a final project in line with research standards, under the careful guidance of our exceptional lecturers.


Sales Management is a course where you'll acquire key skills for successfully navigating the market dynamics and achieving sales goals. Emphasizing sales effectiveness, you'll explore fundamental areas of sales management, from the connection between sales and marketing, B2B customer analysis to the development of sales personnel competencies. Through interactive lectures and practical case studies, you'll enhance your ability to holistically understand the role of the sales function and develop competencies such as sales planning and leadership, motivation and rewarding of sales personnel, and effective monitoring and improvement of sales performance. Upon completion, you'll have a comprehensive approach to sales management, the ability to plan sales strategy, assess market opportunities, and select, develop, and reward sales personnel. Join us and become an effective sales leader, ready for the challenges of the modern business environment!
The 'Management of Nonprofit Organizations' course is designed as a dynamic journey through key leadership areas in the nonprofit sector. You'll explore the unique characteristics faced by nonprofit organizations and gain the skills needed to successfully manage challenges in this sector. With an emphasis on practical training, you'll acquire leadership competencies, communication skills, the ability for strategic thinking, and financial literacy. Learn how to effectively manage human resources, lead projects, and handle ethical and legal aspects in the nonprofit environment. The conclusion of this course brings not only theoretical knowledge but also practical skills crucial for success in the nonprofit sector. Through a approach combining case studies with discussions on real challenges, you can become an effective leader capable of successfully guiding a nonprofit organization through continuous changes and opportunities.
Within this highly dynamic course, you'll explore the complexities of the global business environment, develop analytical abilities for making key strategic decisions, and acquire skills crucial for successful international business. A comprehensive understanding of international business environment analysis will be provided, including political, economic, social, and technological factors. Emphasizing strategic planning in a global context, you'll learn corporate, business, and functional strategies and various ways to enter the international market. Here, you will develop competencies such as analytical skills, strategic planning, intercultural leadership, digital skills, and critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Through case studies and interactive tasks, you can immediately apply the acquired knowledge and prepare for the challenges of modern international business.
In the Leadership Development course, we will collaboratively develop key skills that lead to successful and authentic leadership. This practically oriented course is designed to develop your competencies in communication, team formation, conflict resolution, decision-making, change management, ethical leadership, and personal development. The course includes theoretical insights linked to numerous business world examples, with an emphasis on applying concepts in practice. Explore how to build positive relationships, set clear goals, motivate a team, and effectively address leadership challenges. By the end of the course, you will be able to analyse and improve your leadership abilities, shape your authentic leadership style, develop strategies for personal and organizational development, and make effective decisions and communicate in a business environment. Join us and become a leader who exceeds expectations, builds strong teams, and contributes to the sustainable success of the organization!
Within this course, you will enter the world of 21st-century customer services! The 'Customer Experience Management' course will take you through a deep understanding of how truly excellent customer service becomes crucial for organizational success. You will focus on the development of customer services, total quality management (TQM), and identification of key elements of excellent service. Throughout the course, you will explore strategies for customer assistance, approaches to creating wow-experiences, customer acquisition and retention, and managing services online. The significance of CRM (Customer Relationship Management) will also be highlighted, along with contemplating the future of customer service management. This highly practical course will equip you with tools and techniques for creating attractive user experiences, developing growth and marketing strategies, and differentiating between B2C and B2B approaches. After completion, you will be able to analyse customer-focused organizations, deliver outstanding customer services, and develop and implement winning strategies for customer acquisition and retention. Get ready for a journey that will elevate your organization to excellence in the world of customer services!
The 'Coaching Skills' course is your ticket to an exceptional journey of personal and professional growth. With in-depth exploration of topics such as growth mindset, leading with questions, coaching models, and emotional intelligence, you will gain not only theoretical knowledge but also the ability to overcome challenges and achieve goals in the coaching world, developing sustainable relationships for the success of your team or organization. The course is a practically oriented training where you will develop competencies crucial for leaders as coaches or internal coaches. Developmental mindset, leading with questions, using coaching models, and understanding and managing emotions will enable you to become an outstanding leader who inspires and supports the team. Learn how to set goals, encourage proactivity, manage challenging situations, and use various coaching tools. Additionally, explore different types of coaching, such as skills coaching, career coaching, business coaching, leadership coaching, and team coaching. The conclusion of this course brings more than just knowledge – you will become a confident and successful coach, ready for challenges in the real business world.
In the Business Ethics course, you will explore fundamental values, dilemmas, and challenges faced by leaders in the business environment. The course is designed for discussing ethical issues arising in business decisions and developing ethical competencies and leadership skills. Delve into ethical decision-making in the business environment, stakeholder relationships, social responsibility, and corporate governance. Explore individual and organizational factors shaping ethical culture and focus on sustainability and ethical responsibility in a global context. Through case studies, analyse specific ethical issues and crises in the business world, examine how organizations have addressed these cases, and discuss the development of ethical thinking and decision-making. Our goal is to develop ethical leadership skills, recognize and analyse ethical issues, and understand intercultural differences in business practices. Upon completion, you will be able to analyse and explain key concepts of business ethics, evaluate ethical aspects of business decisions, develop ethical culture in the organization, and conduct ethical reflection regarding your own decisions and actions in the business context. Join us and become a leader who builds responsible and ethical business environments!
Upon completing the Business Planning course, you'll be able to formulate strategies for long-term business success! Our 'Business Planning' course will guide you through key elements of strategic business planning, including the development of mission statements, environmental analysis, internal factors of the organization, selection of appropriate strategies, and the connection and coordination of functional areas within the company. Understand how strategic planning leads to increased market share, profitability, and business longevity, and how to develop effective strategies to adapt to environmental changes. Explore key concepts such as mission statements, strategy development, the link between vision and business strategy, and the importance of evaluating business strategy. The goal of our course is for you to understand the nature of competition, analyse the impact of external forces on the company, and develop and implement complex strategies for strategic planning. You'll gain critical thinking skills related to complex relationships between organizational functional areas and formulating coordinated strategies for the entire organization. After completion, you'll be able to conduct advanced strategic research, evaluate industry, environment, and competitors, and develop and evaluate strategic alternatives for the organization. You'll be capable of using financial tools to assess the economic viability of selected strategic alternatives and argue for decisions to initiate new businesses. Present comprehensive business plans and become key creators of successful business paths. Join us and shape the strategy for the success of your organization!
In the world of business analytics, data transforms into key insights for shaping the future of organizations! Our 'Business Analytics for Managers' course will provide a thorough overview of key concepts and tools in business analytics. Familiarize yourself with research techniques for data analysis, principles of data visualization, and the use of tools such as Power BI for effective data presentation. Learn data collection and cleaning methods, delve into descriptive analytics, and master the use of predictive analytics to forecast trends and mitigate risks. Additionally, gain an understanding of business intelligence, data warehouse design, ETL processes, and multidimensional data analysis. Explore, through concrete examples, how to introduce business analytics into different business environments. The aim of our course is for you to have a deep understanding of statistical analysis in business management, apply predictive analytics for strategic decision-making, be aware of ethical aspects of data usage, and develop the ability to introduce and implement business analytics in practice. Join us and discover how data can become your most powerful source of information and the key to success in the business world!
Our 'Business Sustainability Management and Corporate Social Responsibility' course is designed as an inspiring exploration of how organizations can become drivers of sustainable progress and social responsibility. With a deep understanding of the three dimensions of sustainability – society, environment, and economy – you will build key competencies for designing sustainable business models. From circular economy to sustainable innovations, through sustainability drivers and impactful investments, you will gain the knowledge and skills needed to develop effective sustainable strategies. You will also develop leadership and communication skills crucial for guiding employees and achieving sustainability goals. At the end of this in-depth course, you will be equipped with the ability to critically evaluate sustainability approaches, develop comprehensive sustainable business models, and innovative solutions for business challenges. You can become part of the movement for a sustainable future and shape strategies that will lead your organization into a bright and responsible future.


For detail information please contact our international office.

Tuition includes:

  • all study materials,
  • online learning environment utilization,
  • lectures and consultations conducted by high-ranking lecturers.

Additional benefits for all our students:

Free access to Microsoft Imagine Premium which includes:

  • Microsoft operating system,
  • Microsoft development tools (Visual Studio),
  • Microsoft servers (SQL Server, SharePoint),
  • Microsoft Azure for students


Microsoft Office 365 pro plus, free of charge.

Entry requirements

The Master's programme is open to anyone who has completed:

  • Bachelor's degree

The enrolment conditions are also deemed to be met by those candidates who have completed on equivalent education abroad.

Application for enrolment must be submitted electronically through the eVŠ web portal.

Mandatory attachments

Immediately after submitting, the candidates shall send the following to the school’s address at Visoka šola za poslovne vede, Tržaška 42, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia:

  • The certificate of completing a bachelor programme (legalised*)
  • A court certified translation of the original certificate of completing a bachelor programme
  • A court certified translation of passed exams (Transcript of Records) into Slovenian or English
  • Certificate confirming the knowledge of English**
  • Receipt certifying the payment for the verification of documents (350 EUR) ***
  • Copy of a personal identity document
  • Curriculum vitae/resume
  • Form N – Application for recognition for access to education

If your original documents are not in English, you must provide officially certified translations.

*Legalization of the documents:

For countries which are Hague Convention signatories - According to The Hague Convention of 5 October 1961 Abolishing the Requirement of Legalisation for Foreign Public Documents (Hague Apostille Convention) the documents must be verified with APOSTILLE stamp.

For countries which are not Hague Convention signatories - Foreign certificates have to be verified in accordance to internal regulations of a specific foreign country, including Ministry of foreign Affairs. Stamp and signature of authorized person from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of your country has to be verified by the diplomatic consular mission or consular post of the Republic of Slovenia, which is accredited for this country, or by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Slovenia.

You do not need to legalize (documents must be verified by notary) your diploma if you have finished your previous education in the following countries (due to bilateral agreements between countries): Bulgaria, Iraq, Algeria, Russia, Poland, Austria, France, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Italy, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Croatia

**English Language Requirements:

Candidates must present a language certificate of their English language skills. The minimum required scores are: TOEFL score of 79 (IBT), IELTS score of 6 for English, Cambridge/Oxford: B2.

***Payment for the verification of documents

After receiving all required documents, you will receive an invoice for payment the process of recognition of the foreign education. Candidates who meet the enrolment requirements enrol by 30th September 2018.

After successfully submitting your application, you will be contacted by the Office of College Admission.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your studies or your application, please feel free to contact us. We are available every business day from 8 a. m. till 4 p. m.