Joshua J. Marine


Although the LSB is based in Ljubljana, by implementing distance learning it operates throughout the whole of Slovenia. With its educational, professional and research work it affects the transfer of interdisciplinary, applied knowledge into local, regional, national and international environment. Our specific objectives are to develop and integrate all areas of education and research at various levels:

  • at the local and regional level due to the integration of LSB into the local or regional environment with the impact on the regional labour market as well as on the development of organizations in the local or regional environment;
  • at the national level in terms of the significance of the development of business and information sciences in Slovenia, and with the contribution to the increase in the development potential of our country, especially in the development of the information society;
  • at the international level because due to science internationality and trans-nationality and business and information sciences LSB is of great importance in the wider European and global environment.

According to the Slovenian Research Agency Central Slovenia outdoes other regions in both the number of researchers and the number of providers of research and development activities. Distance learning performed by means of modern information communication technology and contemporary didactic approaches is facilitated to students from the whole of Slovenia. It provides high-quality expansion of knowledge and thereby contributes to the development of the whole of Slovenia.

According to the 2002 population census (source Statistical Office of the Republic of Slovenia) as much as 25 % of the population resides in the area of Central Slovenia and at least 33 %, along with daily commuting, work in this area. This also indicates that the number of jobs in Central Slovenia is higher than the number of permanent residents of this region, which at the same time increases the demand for knowledge and education.

Internationally, increasingly powerful trends towards interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary approaches are present. Numerous European initiatives, programmes and projects are promoting international cooperation in research and applied science. LSB is becoming a part of international cooperation in interdisciplinary areas that include ICT, e-commerce and e-learning, as ICT has become a determinant on the way to social welfare in each country and is a key factor of economic success and a promoter of the development of the society. Therefore, LSB with its interdisciplinary approach, active participation in international higher-education- and research environment along with its orientation into the (re-)production of applied knowledge successfully implements the most important achievements of modern information society and follows the European and global development trends.

LSB also performs part-time trainings, thereby contributing to an increase of education and knowledge in people already employed and so increasing their value to employers and society as a whole.

Through founders and through teaching staff LSB closely interfaces with research institutions on the regional, national and international level, and with the knowledge users, in order to increase innovation and competitiveness.