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IPR journal

Welcome to IPR - Information Business Journal, where opportunities are created, and change is inspired.

IPR is a journal dedicated to four professional fields: management, economics, marketing, and informatics. It brings together high-quality papers from experienced professionals, renowned professors, and researchers. Through articles, research papers, and interviews, we strive to provide access to the latest trends and expert knowledge that contributes to progress and innovation in the business world.

IPR is tailored to the needs of our audience, and we publish two issues per year, in April and October. They offer a platform for the exchange of advanced ideas, discussions on contemporary trends, and networking with industry experts. Particularly, contributions from students and graduates (October issue), who represent the future of the business world, serve as a source of inspiration and an opportunity for acquiring knowledge and career advancement.

At IPR, we believe in the global connectivity of knowledge. Therefore, we facilitate publications in English, Slovenian, Croatian and Serbian languages to reach a broader audience. Together, we build perspectives that encompass various cultures, experiences, and professional expertise. Our goal is to establish bridges between theory and practice, students and professionals, and the academic world and the economy.

We invite you to join us on a journey where we discover new opportunities, build strong foundations of knowledge, and create sustainable achievements.

Publisher: Ljubljana School of Business
ISSN online: 2670-7543
2 issues per year


Editor in Chief:

Editorial Board Members:

  • dr. Lidija Weis, SLO
  • dr. Rok Bojanc, SLO
  • dr. Tina Vukasović, SLO
  • dr. Gordana Nikolič, CRO
  • dr. Mile Vasić, BiH
  • dr. Sandra Đurić, MNE
  • dr. Nikola Abramović, MNE
  • dr. Osman Khan, GB
  • dr. Dejan Erić, SRB
  • dr. Kakhul Agha, UAE


  • The submitted papers should not have been published before or currently be under consideration for publication elsewhere.
  • All papers go through a blind review process.
  • By submitting a paper, all authors declare that they agree with the content of the submitted paper.
  • Plagiarism in any form is a serious offense and is not tolerated.
  • The publication of papers is free of charge. All papers are publicly available as open access.
  • Papers must be written in line with American Psychological Association (APA, 7th ed.) style.
  • IPR Submission Instructions for Authors are available HERE.
  • Paper template in Word form is available HERE. In the case of papers dealing with reports, models, interviews, etc., the Word template is adapted accordingly.

IPR - Information Business Journal is a freely accessible journal.