EECME Conference

"Academic success depends on research and publications."

Philip Zimbardo 

EECME Conference

ISSN 2712-2522

In 2020 the Ljubljana School of Business organized the 2nd International Scientific Conference Eastern European Conference of Management and Economics (EECME 2020). The Conference focused on research advances in management, economics, public administration, and education. The main aim of the Conference was to attract all interested parties to scientific activities, exchange knowledge and experience, identify innovative trends and development prospects in the economy and management.

The local organizers were Ljubljana School of Business, (Slovenia), Odesa Institute of Trade and Economics of Kyiv National University of Trade and Economics, (Odesa, Ukraine), College of Computer Science and Business Communications EMPIRICA (Bosnia and Herzegovina).

EECME 2020 thematically follows the scope of current trends and is focused on research advances, business/academic applications of management, economics, public administration and the role of education in economics.

The conference topics were divided into five scientific sections into the following areas: Section 1. Environmental Economics and Social Marketing, Section 2. Business Regulation and Sustainable Development, Section 3. International Trade and Innovation Management and Section 4. Public Administration and Entrepreneurship Education.

The scientific contributions were made by scientists, graduate students, students from universities and institutions, who represented: Slovenia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Ukraine.

The participants praised the organization of the section and expressed their desire for the regular holding of this event.

When proceedings were published, the conference organizers thanked all the students and partners of the Erasmus + academic mobility program.

The participants of the Conference noted that:

  • the issues discussed allowed to identify promising areas of further research, which in today's conditions are the most relevant and practical for the field of economics and education and should be reflected in a new analysis of young scientists;
  • participation of young scientists, doctoral students, and graduate students in the Conference contributes to the formation and improvement of research skills, development of the creative potential of beginners in the interests of world science, and exchange of cultural values
  • such a scientific event helps to identify the most talented young people among young scientists, doctoral students, and graduate students, to involve them in the implementation of field research programs, establishing creative contacts, dialogue and discussion between young scientists from different countries.

The Organizing Committee noted that:

  • Young scientists - students, post-graduate students and doctoral students - representatives of specialized higher educational institutions should take part in the Conference as speakers at plenary and sectional meetings;
  • it would be expedient within the Conference to involve leading specialists in conducting masterclasses and lectures to outline the most promising areas of research in the field.

The participants of the Conference expressed their sincere gratitude to the organizing committee of the 2nd International Scientific Conference Eastern European Conference of Management and Economics for the great work on its preparation and success.


EECME 2020 2nd International Scientific Conference: Eastern European Conference of Management and Economics

EECME 2019 1st Eastern European Conference of Management and Economics, Ljubljana, Slovenia, May 24, 2019.


The conference co-organisers are partners in Erasmus+ KA107 project.